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LETTER: Metro and deadly force

After reading your April 1 article, “Lethal restraint reviews uneven,” it appears that the police need better tools when dealing with a person with possible mental illness who is yielding a knife or screwdriver. Rather than using deadly force, have those at the Metropolitan Police Department considered a device called a Talon tactical net gun or a BolaWrap? I understand that Fort Worth police are using the BolaWrap, which restrains the suspect and is no larger than a Taser. It can provide police with a non-lethal response to very lethal situations.

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LETTER: Don’t believe latest presidential poll on Nevada

Your Tuesday editorial referenced polls showing Trump leading Biden in Nevada by double digits. As someone who has taught statistics and research methods, I have serious problems with the surveys.

LETTER: An end of an era on the Strip

Steve Wynn’s Mirage transformed the image of Las Vegas from the glitter gulch in the desert to an oasis of refinement and elegance.