LETTER: Mexico sets up fund to help illegals in the United States

The Mexican government is going to launch a $50 million program to help fight U.S. efforts to deport its Mexican citizens back to Mexico (March 4 Review-Journal). Now how absurd does this sound?

Why don’t they use their money to better conditions in Mexico so their citizens don’t want to flee their country? Is it because the Mexican president wants Mexican citizens to remain here in order to send back American dollars to their country? Yes. Is it because Mexico wants only the higher educated citizen in their country? Yes. Is it because Mexico refuses to make its country more economically and commercially viable to its citizens, inducing them to stay? Yes. Is it because Mexico wants to push out all its poor, its drug smugglers, its gangs, etc., so these issues can be U.S. issues? Yes, yes and yes.

That the liberal progressives want to welcome this new form of takeover of the United States is nothing short of ludicrous. The southern border invasion is impacting us in a plethora of ways — i.e. welfare payments to illegals, Medicaid payments to illegals and law enforcement expense for crime suppression and border protection.

The Mexican president is smart enough to know what’s going on. But the Democrats are crafty. They want us to believe there are no adverse repercussions to these actions. But all the while, their plan is transparent … votes. The Democratic party sees the illegal immigrant as the solution to fixing their problems.

Pathetically, members of the Democratic Party are willing to sell out their country to win the vote. Now that is deplorable.

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