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LETTER: More complex reasons drove Donald Trump protesters to march

The Review-Journal’s Sunday front page included a large photo of the women’s march in Washington, D.C. The caption said, in part, that the “motivation for the march came from disparaging comments Trump made about women.” That completely misses the mark.

I was not a supporter of the march, although I am a supporter of peaceful protesting. However, people didn’t march just because Donald Trump said things such as, “I love beautiful women” etc. during his “playboy” days or because he flirted or had an affair. They were marching for political reasons such as equal pay, abortion, etc.

If they marched because of disparaging comments, why wasn’t there a million woman march against Bill Clinton in the ’90s or even during Hillary Clinton’s campaign? To march just because of some words said that many women found inappropriate would be quite amusing. Women would be marching every day of the week.

And by the way, President Trump has not taken away the rights of women, so why not save the energy to protest when these rights are actually threatened? It seems to be a waste of time and resources — although it is one of the privileges of living in the United States.

Ellen Herr

Las Vegas

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