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LETTER: Nevada GOP objects to new primary dates

When reading your story about the GOP’s objection to Nevada changing the date of our state’s new presidential primary, I had to chuckle. What was the objection? Oh, wait … there really wasn’t one — unless you count the party’s statement that the way it has always been done should be maintained.

This is just further proof that the current obstructionist-GOP will challenge anything the Democratic Party pushes forward. I’m one old guy who longs for the return of an Eisenhower-era GOP.

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LETTER: Do we value animals above humans?

Does society value dogs over children? Perhaps District Attorney Steve Wolfson could clarify this matter for us.

LETTER: COVID precautions killed the seasonal flu

Where did flu go? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is being cautious with the data, but by now it is fairly clear: The flu nearly disappeared this season.