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LETTER: Nevada teachers have rendered themselves nonessential

My hat is off to medical workers and first responders. We also have to applaud truckers and delivery drivers, longshoremen and warehouse workers, day-care and postal workers, construction workers, mechanics, gas station attendants, grocery store cashiers and stockers, utility workers, air conditioning repairmen, street maintainers, pilots and flight attendants, car washers and many others.

Thank goodness these people are all there for us. I don’t hear them complaining much about the safety risk; they just do their jobs as safely as they can.

Every working person is essential. Just ask their kids and families. We should let everyone go back to work with safety guidelines.

The “essential” worker I really miss is the educator. The teachers unions and unionized teachers have declared themselves to be nonessential. Teachers say it’s not safe to teach in person, but those in many of the above-listed occupations are in contact with more people and different people every day, while teachers see only the same people every day.

It’s odd to me that the people who educate our children are not smart enough to figure out a way to teach kids in person. And now, teachers go to the front of the line for COVID vaccines.

If we must do distance learning, we only need the one best third grade teacher in the state to develop lectures to send to all third-graders. We can use far fewer third grade teachers to answer questions for third-graders and help them with assignments.

Eliminate dozens of different lectures. Eliminate hundreds of unionized teachers. Save tons of money.

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