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LETTER: Remembering the moon landing

All the talk of the moon landing reminds me of something that happened that I still get a chuckle out of. My family arrived in Las Vegas from England in 1968. On July 20, 1969, I needed to make a call to England. I had to go through the operators, both here and in England.

I got through to the operator in America but had a lot of difficulty getting any satisfaction on the English side of the conversation. At last I connected with her and asked what the difficulty was. She was laughing so much it was hard to understand her, but finally she said, “It’s those Americans. Every time they land a man on the moon, the whole world watches and everything goes to blazes. Aren’t you watching it?”

It was then it dawned on me what an achievement this was and how the rest of the world viewed it. Hurrah for those three brave men.

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LETTER: When did politics turn into a giant temper tantrum?

I see a lot of people on both sides with “temper tantrums.” How are we to teach our children if they see adults with angry words and demonstrations in the streets?

LETTER: Donald Trump isn’t great …

… but I am seriously considering voting for him next year, if only to prevent some Democratic socialist from being elected.

LETTER: On Baltimore, President Donald Trump and rats

Enough already about the rats. Michael Ramirez, in his Aug. 5 political cartoon, used that topic to get in a swipe against Baltimore and the residents of that large and historic city.