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LETTER: Rich white guys and the future of America

In his July 13 letter (“Points A, B and C”), Jim Cassidy warns us that if we extrapolate to point C “20 to 30 years from now … when white people are the minority … there might be a couple of revolts.” He further informs us, “The rainbow majority might lose its patience with the shrinking white minority hogging all the money and power.”

He does tell us about the only rich white guy he is fond of who is “running for president because he is literally throw-up sick with the way we are heading.”

Mr. Cassidy may be correct about the future racial makeup of America. But he is either missing or ignoring other demographic changes that are also occurring. Grassroots movements such as WalkAway and Blexit are awakening many minorities to the fact that the historical liberalism of the Democratic Party no longer exits. Today, minority unemployment is the lowest in the history of this country. Having a job and leaving the welfare rolls brings pride and a new perspective to people. Also, thanks to the First Step Act, criminal justice reform is occurring, giving many minorities a new positive perspective.

Regarding white people “hogging all the money,” the beauty of capitalism is that it is not a zero-sum game. Since President Donald Trump’s election, the stock market has added $10 trillion to the economy.

Finally, the only white rich guy mentioned positively, Tom Steyer, is running on climate change. Possibly the reason he is “throw-up sick” is because of all the coal he sold to make his billions.

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