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LETTER: Silicon Valley CEOs are hypocrites when it comes to Donald Trump’s immigration plans

The companies in Silicon Valley are total hypocrites in regard to human rights and immigration They talk up open borders yet they ship all of the manufacturing jobs overseas where there are no child labor laws and labor is cheap. For instance, are iPhones built in the United States? No.

So they ship our work out and then act like they are socially responsible. Really?

Silicon Valley CEOs want the immigrants so they can pay them meager wages and pressure the existing Americans working in their companies to take less pay. If they felt otherwise, they would build their products here in America — which they do not.

My mother-in-law is an immigrant (Spain), my brother-in-law is an immigrant (Argentina), my sister-in-law is an immigrant (Jordan), my niece is an immigrant (Vietnam), my other niece is an immigrant (Dominican Republic) and my nephew’s wife is an immigrant (Germany). They all came here for the American Dream — and they all came here legally.

The media want us to believe extreme vetting for immigrants from terrorist countries is a bad thing. Really? I want secure borders. I also want immigration. Different viewpoints make our country great. But I want it legally.

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