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LETTER: Story about rescued bulldogs highlights problem

Last week, three different animal rescues were in the news locally. One concerned 76 animals taken from a woman in July, and another involved 43 cats rescued from a trailer. A third revealed 41 bulldogs were rescued from a garage and home (“Woman, infant, dogs saved from NLV fire,” Sept. 25 Review-Journal). This is not the first time this type of incident has happened in our valley.

You can bet those bulldogs were going to be sold to local pet stores, as well as on Craigslist. That was a puppy mill of sorts, no doubt about it. This is happening in our own backyard, and our City Council and County Commission need to do all they can to stop this insanity and suffering.

Pet stores will tell you they buy only from responsible breeders, but think again. They all need to be stopped now from perpetuating this unseen cruelty. Pet stores should be allowed to deal only with rescued animals and not those churned out as fast as the females can produce them, with no regard for their health or welfare.

Nevada needs to join the ranks of other states and stop pet stores from selling animals from puppy mills to members of the unsuspecting public who buy these animals that are often fraught with problems. When is enough, enough?

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