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LETTER: Story of mother facing deportation was heartbreaking

The story about the Arellano family immigration problem, (the mother was detained by U.S. Immigration officers), is heartbreaking (Tuesday Review-Journal). The mother faces deportation, which will probably leave her three children here without a parent.

In the article, the mother’s 16-year-old daughter, Kimberly, says, “My mom is not a criminal.” Perhaps this is why we have an outrageous immigration problem. People sneaking into this country don’t feel that they’re breaking the law.

Kimberly says that her mother just wanted to provide the best for her children, as I’m sure most mothers do. However, when someone robs a bank because they’re trying to provide for their family, they’re breaking the law, too. Can we just choose the laws we want to follow and thumb our noses at the others? This country is made up of laws, and those who don’t obey them should be punished.

I wonder what the children of any illegal immigrant learns when they see their parent break the law?

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