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LETTER: Supreme Court rules against Biden employer vaccination mandates

During the Civil Rights era, Southern officials who wanted to advance the cause of civil rights for African Americans had the ready excuse that “the government made them do it” when they dismantled Jim Crow laws at the local level. The recent decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to halt the Biden administration’s requirement that companies with 100 or more workers mandate vaccinations for their employees now places U.S. corporations in a difficult spot.

They will now have to “do the hard thing” and require those vaccinations as part of company policy or require daily testing for the unvaccinated. The alternative is to pay the higher medical costs incurred by their employees who are likely to spend more time in the emergency rooms because they did not get vaccinated.

Because of this Supreme Court decision, they will not be able to blame government. They will instead have to make the decisions based on their own economic self-interest and their own bottom lines.

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