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LETTER: Teaching CRT to kids is a mistake

I found John Stossel’s Thursday column on critical race theory (CRT) to be an enlightening message to parents who are concerned about their children’s education. His interviewee, Asra Nomani, was entirely accurate in her presentation of CRT content being utilized in K-12 education. Any reasonable person would be concerned about such nefarious ideas impugned into malleable young minds.

But I disagree with Mr. Stossel’s admonition that CRT should not be banned from schools. CRT is not a stand-alone subject such as math, biology or history. It is more akin to a comprehensive ideology through which all of reality is to be interpreted. A highly theoretical discipline grounded in postmodern and neo-Marxist thought, CRT attempts to explain the nature of reality through the singular lens of race. Consequently, CRT infects virtually every single academic subject, including math and the sciences.

CRT is more like a secular religion or cult, the sole purpose of which is to indoctrinate children into becoming “social justice” activists. This is not what education should be about and why CRT should have no place in K-12 schools.

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