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LETTER: Trust the ‘experts’ on coronavirus?

Updated May 29, 2020 - 9:35 pm

We’re reminded that we should follow the science and trust the medical “experts” as we try to avoid being infected and to rebound from this pandemic. Sounds great, but the “experts” disagree on the best way to do that. Some “experts” recommend hydroxycloroquine as the best prophylactic, while others tout strict social distancing and isolation. Still other “experts” tell us to just protect the vulnerable, while some say herd immunity is the key.

All of these recommendations may have some validity, but because there can only be one “best” way sans a vaccine, this means the majority of “experts” are incorrect in their prescriptions. This is — or should be — discomforting to those of us dependent on the advise of these professionals.

I think many of these “experts” must be direct descendants of “experts” of yore who believed the remedy for almost every malady was a good bleeding.

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