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LETTER: Want better results in the Clark County School District?

In his Sunday commentary, Robert Fellner opines that increased funding for public education is not the answer to Nevada’s public school rankings. He notes that spending on public education has tripled in real dollars compared to 60 years ago.

What he fails to mention, however, is that Nevada ranks 41st in per-pupil spending on public education. We spend less than half of what the top five states spend per pupil. Each of those states is ranked among the highest in education.

In absolute dollars, according to the Guinn Center, the state guarantee for funding in 2018 was $5,897. For the Clark County School District, that amount was even less – just $5,677 per pupil. By comparison, the New York City School District spends $25,199 per student. The Boston School District spends $22,292.

Mr. Fellner is the director of an institute that values “free market solutions” and less government. He argues for the privatization of education. I would argue that if we prioritize public education and spend an amount comparable to the successful school districts in New York, Massachusetts or Connecticut, our students would succeed at a rate comparable to those districts.

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