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LETTER: We need intense English instruction for Clark County students who don’t speak English

As I read constantly about the challenges facing Nevada’s public school system and our low ranking when it comes to learning proficiency, I see that one of the common issues many of our kids have is trouble communicating because they are not proficient in English. This must be incredibly frustrating and disruptive for both the students and teachers, while dragging down the progress of English-proficient students.

I know this is not going to be a popular with the PC police, but what if we set up an intense English learning class for each grade level? Non-English speakers go only to these classes until they are proficient in English. They will most likely be held back a year or a little behind compared to other kids their age, but at least from that point forward they would be able to integrate into the system and absorb the information they need without being a distraction to the rest. Then teachers would be able to complete their curriculum to progress all of the children in their classrooms.

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LETTER: Is the Las Vegas shutdown worth the economic hit?

It’s hard to believe that we still have almost another month before we start thinking of opening business again. If we keep this country closed much longer, the economic effects will be worse then the virus. Here in Las Vegas, these gambling structures will never survive a long-term closure, nor will the people.

LETTER: Gov. Steve Sisolak and a drug ban

I did not vote for Gov. Steve Sisolak, but I agree to a point with his restriction on the drug hydroxychloroquine.

LETTER: We all have to live with a little inconvenience

Letter writer Eric Yaillen was displeased with the decision by local stores to have an early line for seniors. I applaud the stores for taking this action.