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LETTERS: Bad laws have been abolished in past

To the editor:

The Affordable Care Act is not really insurance for millions of uninsured Americans. Much of the money for the program is paying the salaries for thousands of new federal and state employees, their benefits, retirements, etc., and they’re all exempt from Obamacare, so they won’t have to pay the fees.

But the rest of us will pay for it. It was argued by President Barack Obama’s administration to the Supreme Court of the United States that Obamacare did in fact include a tax. The Supreme Court agreed with the president’s argument that it was a tax. That is why the IRS is running Obamacare. The legislation included a tax penalty that represents the single largest tax increase in the history of the world, not just America.

This tax provides the president with the means to accomplish his stated goal of fundamentally transforming America.

It’s his pinnacle achievement and the mechanism for redistribution of wealth on an immeasurable scale, which he will use to slay capitalism once and for all as we the people enslave ourselves to his statist socialist nightmare.

That is his dream for the American people, just as it was the dream of his father for the Kenyan people.

This tax disguised as health care is a baited trap that fools will rush into, hoping to be rewarded, only to discover that in the process, they have entrapped themselves and forfeited what little they have left of their freedom.

Slavery was bad. It was abolished. Prohibition was bad. It was abolished. Obamacare is a bad law, and it, too, should be abolished.



More Cops tax

To the editor:

Hiring more police officers is not the solution. If we give the Metropolitan Police Department $250 trillion in cash, will it stop crime? No. Giving the Police Department more money doesn’t solve the problem. Crime is the symptom and not the problem.

Cognitive dissonance is the reason why we live by the rules. However, some situations make us justify our misbehavior — we overcome our guilt trip by rationalizing such behavior. There is an underlying cause, whether it is financial, personal problems, etc. A person lacks money, so they rob a bank. Neighbors fight over personal issues, so one kills the other. We need to examine why there is crime.

Criminal activity can be resolved via social or psychological treatment, financial advice and how to overcome daily problems. That’s the solution. We need to set up crime prevention centers all over the city in which psychologists, social workers and financial advisers can treat people for free. Extensive marketing is needed so everyone knows the centers are open, free and within walking distance. Have a catchy phrase like, “Why commit a crime and then do the time, when a crime prevention center costs less than a dime?” Hiring a good marketing firm to create and carry out a marketing plan might be money well spent.

Bottom line, we don’t need more law enforcement; we need crime prevention.



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