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Local pols under sway of powerful lobbying firm

When Las Vegas City Councilwoman Michele Flore stated that the law firm of Kaempfer Crowell was the “Boy Scouts of lobbying,” I assume she was referring to the Utah Boy Scout troop that intentionally knocked over a formation in Goblin Valley State Park (“Law firm tops in lobbying,” Monday Review-Journal).

And does Clark County Commissioner Susan Brager live in an alternative universe? Apparently 232 visits with Kaempfer Crowell convinced her, and all of the other commissioners, to disregard nonconforming use zoning codes in April and approve an asphalt plant office trailer expansion for Wells Cargo on lands that are adjacent to Spring Valley High School.

Maybe Kaempfer Crowell forgot that the entire Wells Cargo 160 acres has R-E residential zoning, and office uses are not allowed in the R-E district for any reason according to the Clark County Unified Development Code.

In the story, Ms. Brager says, “If something doesn’t fit, they tell their client it won’t happen.” So why did Kaempfer Crowell lobby for Wells Cargo to get approval of offices trailers that are not allowed by zoning code? But Kaempfer Crowell is doing such a great job working with the neighborhood that Wells Cargo now plans to add an asphalt rubber mixing plant to the site.

Maybe Kaempfer Crowell and Ms. Brager should wake up and smell the air.

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