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Nevada transportation officials should revisit HOV restrictions

As I understand it, a mother taking her kids to soccer practice qualifies as “carpooling” and is allowed to use the HOV lanes on Las Vegas-area highways. However, the men and women who work daily to deliver packages to people’s homes, deliver critical parts and supplies to local businesses or fix broken AC units on a 115-degree day are not allowed to use the HOV lanes because they generally work alone.

Yet they pay the same amount of gas tax as the soccer mom. How is that fair?

Do those who can’t use the HOV lanes get a reduction on the gas tax at the pump? No. Everyone who buys gas contributed to the construction of the HOV lanes. Therefore, everyone should be able to use them.

I realize that most government bureaucrats lack accountability and common sense, but they need to look again at the HOV issue and make it fairer to everyone.

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