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On gender policy, Clark County School Board must stand tall in the face of coercion by the few

Jane Heenan’s June 17 letter regarding sex/gender diversity was interesting, well-written and provocative. The comment that Review-Journal columnist Victor Joecks’ words “thinly masked a fear that the world isn’t what he wants it to be” was curious. People of all persuasions could fit into that description, and certainly the world is not what Ms. Heenan wants it to be, as she is trying to change it.

Ms. Heenan says her group is “changing … policy and curriculum in schools.” Gender diversity is not a curriculum issue. The Clark County School Board should stand firmly on the objectives to guide our children to excellence in classical education goals. Unrelated policies and curriculum serve only to confuse children and complicate their development into happy, healthy adults.

She states a foundation of our country is the “freedom to be who we are” and that the “binary sex/gender system … violates us all.” What does that mean? We also cannot choose our blood type, parents, birthdate, race or native country. To be mentally healthy we must be content with what we cannot choose or change.

Americans listen to young people. They want to be important, skilled, content and respected as positive contributors to society. Confusing messages steal their contentment, create despair and distract them from embracing who they are created to be, developing their God-given gifts and enjoying the good of their work.

The School Board must stand strong against the coercion of a few and make a wise decision that benefits all of our students, refusing to embrace an unusual practice that has no precedent in 6,000 years of world history and certainly has no precedent in 242 years of U.S. history.

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