Organized labor has outlived its usefulness

As a union man for more than 30 years, let me say this about the career Democratic politicians you have in office today: They are not your grandfather’s or your daddy’s Democrats, who used to look after the working man.

These people are looking after no one other than themselves and the people who can work but won’t. They want to take from you and give and give to themselves and those who won’t work and have their hands out.

Union members need to stand up for their rights. The unions have outlived their usefulness. All they care about is recruiting more members. The more they have, the more money they get to support their lavish lifestyles. In the years I belonged to the union, I never let them tell me how to vote. I enjoy my freedoms.

As workers see their take-home pay increase because of the tax cuts, they must remember that the union did not do that for them. And they could see even more money if they stopped giving their money in the form of dues to the rich union bosses.

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