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LETTER: Green energy and destruction in the Bahamas

I wonder what the status of a “green” Bahamas would be after days of no sunlight and sustained 170 mph winds that most likely would have destroyed all the windmills and solar panels.

LETTER: Freudian slip

An recent article unintentionally and unwittingly demonstrates why many people are against immigration, especially the illegal variety.

LETTER: Landlord rights

This letter is in response to Tuesday’s article about a nonprofit law firm in Las Vegas that advises tenants who are facing eviction.

LETTER: Walmart wrong

Walmart’s decision to cease selling ammunition is a cowardly act that succumbs to the left-wing interests who want to rid America of its constitutional rights.

LETTER: Wasted food

We receive free lunches at Centennial High School. While that sounds like it would be great, it is not.

LETTER: Timing questioned

I write in response to Professor Thomas McAffee’s column last Sunday, “Steering us away from oligarchy.”