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LETTER: The Cold Civil War

We have people with power and influence threatening us with deprogramming and F-16s. Let’s get real.

LETTER: Time to wise up on the national debt

In 2024, the Congressional Budget Office estimates interest payments on the debt will be around $870 billion. Just think what good things could be done for us Americans with just half of those dollars.

LETTER: Fake Nevada electors and legal jurisdiction

The wrongdoing was against the entire state of Nevada. So it should not make any difference in which county someone said and did what.

LETTER: GOP plays politics on border bill

Is there a problem on our Southern border? Of course there is. It is one that our elected officials should be addressing rather than playing politics.

LETTER: Biden and the border

It takes an astonishing level of incompetence to fail at doing nothing.

LETTER: Are the A’s already behind schedule?

At this sloth-like pace, American astronauts will be walking on Mars before our national anthem is played at games in the new A’s stadium.

LETTER: Ramirez cartoons don’t deter Trump fans

I respect Mr. Ramirez’s right to his opinion and his platform to express it. But his lampooning Mr. Trump leaves me and millions of MAGA Republicans unfazed.

LETTER: Don’t blame Southwest Gas for high bills

Bidenomics isn’t working for the majority of the American people. “Green energy” isn’t the answer. It’s not even “green.”