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LETTER: Freudian slip

An recent article unintentionally and unwittingly demonstrates why many people are against immigration, especially the illegal variety.

LETTER: Landlord rights

This letter is in response to Tuesday’s article about a nonprofit law firm in Las Vegas that advises tenants who are facing eviction.

LETTER: Walmart wrong

Walmart’s decision to cease selling ammunition is a cowardly act that succumbs to the left-wing interests who want to rid America of its constitutional rights.

LETTER: Wasted food

We receive free lunches at Centennial High School. While that sounds like it would be great, it is not.

LETTER: Timing questioned

I write in response to Professor Thomas McAffee’s column last Sunday, “Steering us away from oligarchy.”

LETTER: Emissions omission

The Democratic presidential candidates who appeared Wednesday on CNN townhalls on global warming forgot the word global.

LETTER: District games

It should come as no surprise that the Clark County School District mysteriously found the money it needed to offer teachers the pay increases they were earlier promised.

LETTER: Expensive energy

NV Energy is shamelessly promoting renewable energy without regard to the facts.

LETTER: Missing detail

Your Sunday editorial forgot one huge detail — the actual context for President Donald Trump ordering businesses out of China.

LETTER: Easy money

In reading Saturday’s editorial about the homeless problem in Calif., I was and wasn’t shocked.

LETTER: Bad optics

In Friday’s sports section, a report was made about Liberty High School traveling to Hawaii to play football.

LETTER: Hard work

Kudos to Reporter Aleksandra Appleton for her Monday article on college students working to achieve educational goals without excessive financial encumbrance.