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Postal workers on unpaid leave? Who cares

In response to your Monday editorial about U.S. Postal Service workers who took unpaid leave to campaign for Hillary Clinton:

You can get a good fix on how bad Donald Trump is doing by monitoring the Review-Journal editorial section. On Monday, the hand wringing occurred around the fact that 97 postal workers took unpaid time off to campaign for Hillary Clinton. A few observations are in order:

So what? Hillary Clinton lost the election and Republicans won the jackpot with majorities in all three branches of the federal government. Stop worrying about Hillary Clinton and focus on governing.

So what? Ninety-seven postal employees took unpaid leave out of a workforce of 434,000. That amounts to 0.02 percent of that cohort. Really? This is the most important thing going on in this country to focus time on in an editorial?

Here is what’s going on. Whenever the Trump administration flounders and flails by way of the antics of the commander in chief himself, conservative publications such as the Review-Journal unpack and invoke the name of Hillary Clinton as red meat for the true believers. In fact, it is only obfuscation for Donald Trump’s frightening poor performance. Never mind that Ms. Clinton is finished in the national political spotlight. Just mentioning the name Hillary Clinton sets conservatives’ teeth on edge.

The last paragraph of the editorial offered a caveat that stated “if the requested unpaid leave can be granted within existing rules and budgets, what workers do with their free time should be their own business.” That should offer proof as to how flaccid the argument is.

Is this really the best that you can come up with?

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