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Pulling the United States out of treaties makes no sense

A half dozen people are shot and killed in Chicago on a random weekend. Murder is against the law. In order to combat the killings, the local politicians decide to make murder legal.

Pretty stupid, huh?

Well this hypothetical has been played out globally in real time twice by our current occupant of the White House. He canceled America’s participation in the Iranian arms deal because he said Iran had violated the treaty, although he and his staff offered no evidence. And now he is canceling a 30-year nuclear treaty with Russia because he says they, too, have violated terms of the treaty.

Violate a treaty with the United States? We’ll tear that treaty up so you will not be impeded in building your own nuclear arsenal against America and countries that were our allies prior to 2017. I wonder if Donald Trump is considering making murder legal, too, because that law is violated every day.

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