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Quit whining if you didn’t go the polls

Imagine. You’re far from home and you’re famished, even weak with hunger. There is only one restaurant in the area and your car is sitting on empty.

Imagine. You are seated in the restaurant and instead of bringing you a menu your waitperson brings you a plate of food. You point out that you hadn’t ordered yet. The server tells you, “This is all we serve. Eat it or go hungry.”

Imagine. You find on your plate the foods you hate the most. Liver and onions, Brussels sprouts, mashed cauliflower and they are all ice cold. You’re vegan and allergic to Brussels sprouts. Famished, you eat the cauliflower.

Imagine. You are brought the check for the meal that you neither ate nor enjoyed. It is $200 and says please remit or you will be arrested for failure to pay.

Imagine. More than 90 percent of Clark County’s electorate placed themselves in a similar scenario when they failed to vote in the most recent municipal election.

You didn’t vote, but have plenty of complaints about how your government is serving you. Blame only yourself.

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