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Recipients of DACA program are overwhelmingly good citizens

In response to George Urias’s Saturday letter to the editor, “DACA scourge”: I guess Mr. Urias is not aware that people who fall under the DACA program were either born in this country or brought here as children. He must also not be aware that they know no other country other than the United States.

Additionally, 91 percent of them are employed. None of them has a criminal record. The ones who are employed have paid out billions in income taxes, unlike the man Mr. Urias follows and feels is doing the right thing for this country. He has passed no major legislation, and most anything he has accomplished at this point is the unraveling and undoing of his predecessor’s work.

As far as I’m concerned, any one group that can boast a 91 percent employment record, pays its taxes and has no criminal record is more than welcome to be in this country — and something tells me the majority of the Americans would agree.

Additionally, many of the folks who fall under DACA serve in our military and on our police forces. Many have reached the pantheon of education by being honor students and reached the top of their class. I’m not sure if Mr. Urias saw it, but there was a fireman who falls under DACA who spent six days rescuing people in Hurricane Harvey. That sounds like the kind of positive contributions that we need from all people in our great country.

So I say that anyone who blanketly deems these people a “scourge” should first have all the facts.

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