Republicans going down with a sinking ship

I remember reading an article years ago that stated: “Republicans will go down with a sinking ship.” This attitude certainly supports the Newt Gingrich view, as expressed in a wire service story carried in the Thursday Review-Journal (“Republicans to support their president”).

When will they learn that country “trumps” party? Their view is that a recalcitrant, inexperienced and misinformed Republican president is better for the country than a Democratic president, notwithstanding one with better credentials, experience and a stable frame-of-mind.

The rank-and-file Republicans still support President Donald Trump even as he scolds the media, voices personal attacks against private citizens with street-laced verbiage and allegedly provided top-secret information to Russian officials (with whom he seems to have a greater personal bond than with American allies).

His lies, outlandish rants and personal demeanor do not seem to honor the majestic tenor of the position that he holds. Sadly, there were plenty of harbingers of this during his campaign.

The political divide should be set aside when interests of the country are at stake. This is not to assume that opposition parties should be abandoned. On the contrary, the document that unites all of us is the Constitution.

The probity of the presidency is necessary and warranted.

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