Review-Journal columnist drew an erroneous conclusion

I feel compelled to respond to Victor Joecks’ April 23 column, “Are violent demonstrations acceptable political speech? Titus thought so.” Mr. Joecks drew a conclusion from a speech Rep. Dina Titus made to the Legislature that is absurd.

Anyone who has known or worked with Dina Titus — as I have — knows that she would never advocate violence as a form of political expression. In fact, she asked members of the Legislature to work together amicably to address the challenges we face.

In her speech to the Legislature, Rep. Titus described a nation torn apart by the policies of an administration that has sowed the seeds of division and fear. As Rep. Titus correctly pointed out, people are afraid of what the Trump administration’s draconian budget cuts and its disastrous foreign policy will mean to them in their personal lives. Yes, this has resulted in raucous town hall meetings, rallies, marches and college campus protests. Rep. Titus was describing the reality of our political environment.

What Mr. Joecks conveniently left out were other words Dina Titus spoke to the lawmakers: “I believe if Nevada is going to succeed in this scenario, we are going to just have to suck it up, hold hands, and work together on some issues that I think will shape our future.” She advocated communication and cooperation, not violence — and that is the Dina Titus I know.

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