Review-Journal doing great work on Strip shooting coverage

As a a six-year Las Vegas resident, I concur with recent letter writer Laura Beebe of Scotia, Neb., who praised the Review-Journal’s coverage of the Strip shooting.

I travel for a living and was in the United Kingdom when the shooting occurred. Though for me it was 6 a.m., I was preparing for my trip back to the United States when I heard talk on the telly by Pierce Morgan about Las Vegas. I assumed he was discussing a movie or a Vegas holiday. But as I walked by the TV, I saw the news scroll “20 dead, largest massacre.” I stopped dead in my tracks thinking this can’t be, I must be dreaming.

But, no. It was reality playing out in front of me 8,000 miles away at home in Las Vegas. I immediately got online to read my RJ app. There was nothing I could do from so far away but pray and hope that upon my arrival 14 hours later I’d find it all an exaggeration. I arrived at McCarran International Airport 24 hours after the massacre to a silent town.

I’ve since kept up-to-date by reading my online RJ while on the road. Due to my international travel, I read several media outlets but find, as Ms. Beebe stated, that the RJ has “pursued the truth,” “honored the victims” and “vigorously pursued the answers that remain” like no other news medium, domestic or international.

I commend you. Keep up the good work.

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