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Russia and 2016 election

I was inclined, like most American voters, to read and listen to the mainstream media discourse about the Trump campaign colluding with Russian operatives in the 2016 presidential election. The premise was concerning and disconcerting, if true. Russia and Donald Trump colluded and conspired to rig the election? Who wouldn’t believe it?

But then came the blue wave of 2018 when the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi shellacked the Republicans and President Trump. Weren’t members of the House elected in 2018 by the same voter pool that chose Mr. Trump? Are we to believe that Russia was so adroit at rigging the 2016 presidential election yet two years later allowed the U.S. House to fall under control of the president’s opponents?

The answer is it’s possible, but not probable. And, if it were true, Americans are worse off than all the Democratic allegations claimed because not even all of the resources in heaven and on Earth could possibly stop Russia.

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