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Small businesses need relief from health insurance tax

The health insurance tax is levied on the health insurance that small-business owners offer their employees. The resulting higher premiums are a significant burden on small businesses. Sen. Jacky Rosen can help alleviate this burden by voting in favor of the Health Insurance Tax Relief Act of 2019.

A lot of small businesses are in a tough situation because of this tax. Small-business owners are taking money out of their own pockets to provide benefits. Then it comes down to how many costs an owner can withstand. That’s when you have to choose between cutting employees or reducing benefit options. Fewer small-business owners will have to make those tough choices if this act is passed.

The better benefits a small business can provide, the more employees it can get. But when a business pays better than minimum wage, it gets to the point where it doesn’t make that much in profits anymore. Then the owner has to make up the costs somewhere — mainly be reducing jobs and cutting costs in general.

America is made of small business, and they need the government’s support. I hope Sen. Rosen will look at the whole health care issue, understand the impact this tax is having and make things more palatable for small business. Enacting the Health Insurance Tax Relief Act is a great place to start.

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