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So what if Donald Trump doesn’t adhere to business as usual

Watching the cable news channels recently, I heard a constant drumbeat of how Donald Trump’s actions “aren’t the way things are done in Washington.” Both Republicans and Democrats are blasting Mr. Trump for disrupting the process. But let’s take a look at that process.

First, make campaign promises you never intend to keep. Then have leadership shield you from taking hard votes. Follow that up by voting for more spending to take care of lobbyists (Republicans) and those who don’t want to work (Democrats). This is key. Democrats get re-elected by maximizing poor people dependent on government. Republicans get lobbying jobs from the defense, banking and pharma people when they leave Congress.

Finally, never rock the boat and become an “outsider” — keep kicking that can down the road. You need to maintain that “I’ll play ball” persona to punch your ticket on the government gravy train.

All the while, illegals gain more protections than citizens, social programs spiral out of control, debt mounts and our children get sold down the river. But Donald Trump has disrupted the process for these fat cats, and they don’t like it.

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