Still talking about the 2016 presidential election

In her Wednesday letter to the Review-Journal, Josephine Audia states that she did not vote for Donald Trump and was shocked that he not only won the GOP nomination, but actually won the election.

I knew there were many people who were going to vote for Mr. Trump but were not telling anyone and just did their thing and voted for him. Mr. Trump won because of all the people thinking Hillary Clinton had it all wrapped up. She thought she was a shoo- in. Big mistake.

Ms. Audia may not realize that many Americans are sick and tired of our immigration laws being ignored, the wide open southern border, and the fact that we just let anyone in who wants to come, legal or not. These are some of the main reasons Mrs. Clinton lost.

No matter what one thinks of Mr. Trump, I truly believe he wants to help this country and repair some of the damage that has been done for the past eight years. Why can’t everyone just get on board and help support the president, as we are all in this together. I have been around 74 years and it is sad how people are acting because their candidate did not win.

Hillary had so much baggage, yet she is still trying to blame others. It all comes down to her. She was a terrible candidate and ran only because she wanted to be the first woman president.

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