The ins and outs of government and taxation

eath and taxes

Thoughts on taxation:

1) If I take your money without your permission, the government calls that stealing — and rightly so. But when the government does that very same thing, they call it taxation.

2) You buy property and pay off the mortgage. You think you own it free and clear. Try not paying your so-called “property taxes,” and you’ll find out who really owns that property to which you hold title.

3) You work your whole life. The government taxes your income. Then you die, and the government swoops in to collect the “death tax.” This is not only double taxation, it is ghoulish. It is government acting as graverobber.

4) Government taxes business. Businesses merely adjust the price of goods and services to stay in business. In this way, consumers pay government’s tax on business. Double taxation occurs when consumers also pay the so-called “sales tax.”

5) “If it moves, tax it. If it still moves, regulate it. When it stops moving, subsidize it.” Punish success, reward failure and create dependency-government. Tax policy at your service.

6) Nancy Pelosi called the Republican effort to cut taxes “stealing from the government.” No one stands logic on its head better than Nancy.

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