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The rich don’t “owe” the rest of us their money

In response to Michael Winne’s recent letter, “They owe us”: I hope Mr. Winnie votes with a greater understanding of how this country grew than he indicated in his letter. (Hint: The government did not build everything.)

So, he says the “rich” owe him an estate tax. My mom and dad worked hard all their lives. Never had a big home (only had one) and never two cars. They saved, invested wisely and never made any big mistakes like getting their home foreclosed upon or getting divorced. They had only two children. They paid their taxes yearly. The only vacations they ever took were to visit relatives in a nearby state.

When they died, they left a substantial estate that was subject to estate taxes. They owe Mr. Winnie? For what? Does he take vacations? Work 80 hours a week? How diligent has he been saving and investing? What sacrifices has he made to deserve being “owed”?

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