What’s the fuss? Lusty males have been around forever

Remember telephone operators, roller-skating carhops and milkmen? Neither do I, yet once upon a time they, too, existed. Today’s trendings have reached a fever pitch as more women step forward claiming they were groped or, worse, raped. Well, lusty males have been around forever, and at one phase in our history that was considered … normal. After all, the lady can always say no.

Watching these ladies step forward confessing events that have outlived the statutes of limitation is painful for me, let alone those involved. Can they not see the dichotomy of their confessions? What were you thinking when you went to the guy’s hotel room alone, his office after hours or put yourself in any other situation thanks to poor judgment? Take responsibility for your actions like the woman you profess to be. Hold your head up and move forward.

Ladies: Educate your girls on how to handle men should they find themselves in a situation. Don’t whimper in public as if you never had sexual episodes you initiated. When my boss groped me, I groped him back. I wish I had seen his face, but I was too busy making my getaway. The Old Boys Club is still around, although dying a slow death as the new-age, bisexual swingers try to make everything normal.

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