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COMMENTARY: Did we all just wake up on Mars?

It’s like we’ve all just woke up from a nice night’s sleep, and we find ourselves living on Mars. The things in the news are that hard to believe.

Liberal judges fight for the rights of Muslim terrorists linked to the World Trade Center bombing who set up filthy compounds in New Mexico, where they starve their kids and teach other children to carry out terror attacks at our schools. A liberal judge just released that guy on bail. Judge Sarah Backus let him out, awaiting trial.

Meanwhile, liberal judges and Democrat-donor prosecutors refuse bail for Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort. They demand he spend 24 hours a day in solitary confinement. What’s his crime? Starving children? Nope. Teaching his children to carry out terror attacks at schools? Nope. His crime is wearing expensive suits and possibly cheating on his taxes — all while having helped elect Donald Trump! Liberals treat him like Charles Manson.

Liberals thinks it’s just wonderful that reality TV star Omarosa recorded the president and his staff inside the White House. Who does that? I’ve never secretly recorded anyone in my life. But she did it in the White House. How is that not a crime? Not just a violation of a nondisclosure act, but espionage and treason.

Liberals think it’s OK that the government raids Michael Cohen’s home. Really? Liberals are the great defenders of civil rights. Liberals support lawyers defending the worst of the worst criminals. Liberal groups such as the ACLU defend the rights of terrorists, pedophiles, rapists and serial killers. Yet liberals have no problem if the government raids a lawyer’s home and office, taps a lawyer’s phones or forces a lawyer to rat on his own clients? No more attorney-client privilege? Oh, right, only if the client is President Trump.

Anytime a white cop shoots a black criminal, that’s national headlines. That leads to protests, unrest, anarchy in the streets. But when 70 black Americans are shot and 13 murdered on one weekend in Chicago, at the hands of black criminals, we hear nothing from Black Lives Matter. No Al Sharpton. No Jesse Jackson. No Maxine Waters. What a disgrace.

California lawmakers — almost all Democrats — not only pay themselves obscene salaries and pensions, but it turns out they set up a secret DMV office inside their own legislative building in Sacramento. This is so they don’t have to wait in long lines — in the blistering hot sun, like the rest of us — to get their licenses renewed. What hypocrites.

As bad as the politicians are, the government employees are even worse, even more corrupt, even more arrogant. Are you aware the IRS has rehired hundreds of fired employees? These are people fired for misconduct or poor performance. Will the IRS forgive you and me for “poor performance” (not paying our taxes)? I don’t think so.

But, boy, are they forgiving when their own employees fail miserably, steal or persecute taxpayers for their conservative political beliefs.

NFL players kneel for the national anthem while collecting $150 million contracts for playing a kid’s game. Perhaps cops should protest by no longer providing security for NFL players at stadiums. If NFL players fear and distrust cops so much, why not try protecting yourselves for a while?

Liberal feminists scream #MeToo. Yet Minnesota Democrats just gave the attorney general nomination to Keith Ellison after hearing the stories of two women who claim he abused them.

Finally, liberals scream all day about the GOP being filled with “white extremists.” They point to white nationalist marches. You know how many white nationalists showed up in Virginia last weekend? Twenty. Hundreds of media members lined the streets to capture the march of 20 white nationalists so they can use this as proof that 63 million Trump voters are “racist.”

Meanwhile in D.C., liberal protesters wearing black masks threaten to murder our president. The mainstream media ignore it.

Folks, this isn’t America. It isn’t even planet Earth. Somehow, we all just woke up in Mars.

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