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COMMENTARY: Mandalay Bay security guard being kept out of the spotlight

Doesn’t anyone ever learn the lesson of Richard Nixon (aka “Tricky Dicky”)? It’s not the original incident that gets you in the most trouble. It’s the cover-up — or what looks like a cover-up.

Perhaps MGM has been honest and upfront and is merely the victim of a terrible event perpetrated by a madman. None of that matters now. Because of things like the changing timeline, everyone is asking questions. The way MGM is handling this case looks and smells bad.

The questions and suspicions exploded when MGM security guard Jesus Campos “disappeared” minutes before interviews with Sean Hannity and other serious media (professionals bound to ask serious questions). But it turns out he didn’t “disappear” at all. Apparently, MGM just didn’t want Campos being asked tough questions.

After what observers might assume were days of intense coaching, scripting and planning, MGM and its crisis management team finally “freed” Campos. They decided the best and only place Campos would ever speak to the media would be on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

Yes, the only witness to the worst mass shooting in America’s history would do only one media interview — and comedian Ellen Degeneres was the chosen interviewer. Ellen isn’t just a comedian. She is a comedian who has her own line of slot machines at MGM casinos. Yes, Ellen will make plenty of money based on her business dealings with MGM.

According to MGM’s pal and business partner, Ellen Degeneres, none of us will ever hear from Campos again. One can assume he’s off to a wealthy retirement at an MGM penthouse somewhere in the world far away from Las Vegas, where no one in the media will ever have access to him again.

No reason to ask any further questions. Nothing to see here!

Anyone with a brain can figure out this is all about the timeline. Billions of dollars in lawsuits and legal liability are on the line.

So far, there have been three timelines. Two of the three are devastating to MGM regarding potential liability. And it’s just too convenient that after many changes in the story, and much bickering with (and pressure on) Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo, suddenly everyone has come to an agreement on the one scenario that is the most advantageous to MGM. (In the interest of full disclosure, I supported the sheriff’s election and lent my name to a Lombardo fundraiser.)

Scenario one is problematic. If Campos arrived at Stephen Paddock’s room after 10 minutes of shooting, then MGM could face questions that would affect its liability. Where was their security for 10 long minutes? Why didn’t they know a madman was murdering and wounding more than 500 people for 10 long minutes from one of their rooms? That would look terrible in a courtroom.

Scenario two is also problematic. If Campos got to Paddock’s room six minutes before the shooting started and faced a barrage of gunfire, then MGM’s liability is again an issue. What took MGM so long to notify Metro police? Why didn’t MGM have a TAC team up to the 32nd floor within those six minutes? Why didn’t Metro police or SWAT get up to that room in those six long minutes or during the 10 minutes of carnage that followed? This scenario would look terrible in a courtroom.

But scenario three is the best one for MGM. Campos arrived simultaneously with the beginning of the shooting. That’s perfect timing and would lessen MGM’s potential legal liability, saving the company a significant amount of money.

Suddenly, after multiple changing stories, everyone (including MGM’s lawyers and crisis management team) have remarkably settled on this third timeline. We have one big happy family.

And no one in the media will ever talk to Jesus Campos ever again.

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