COMMENTARY: Senate Republicans wimp out once again on Obamacare

Republicans never fail to disappoint and demoralize. They’re like Wile E. Coyote chasing the Road Runner. They always find a way to turn gold into garbage. They are either blind, deaf, dumb, self-destructive or all of the above.

Exhibit A is Nevada’s GOP Sen. Dean Heller. RINOS — Republicans in Name Only — such as Heller do the bidding of Democrats. Heller’s demands are the reason Republicans lose elections.

Keep in mind at this very moment, there is so much proof that our country is in peril, our economy is in decline, the middle class is being destroyed and Democrat policies of spending, debt and taxes make things much worse.

At this very moment, insolvent Illinois — run primarily by Democrats — is so broke from a combination of too much spending and high taxes, that credit rating agencies thought about downgrading the state to junk status.

At this very moment, Hartford, Conn. — also run by Democrats — is so broke it was just downgraded days ago to junk status.

At this very moment, our national debt is more than $20 trillion (and growing fast).

We are going broke. Spending, taxes and debt are at the root (excuse the pun) of this disaster. And the biggest spending, tax and debt machine in world history is Obamacare.

So what do Senate Republicans do in response to all this?

Because of pressure from Dean Heller and other RINO senators, the GOP Senate leadership has now caved and ruined the whole point of Obamacare repeal. It’s a now a “repeal” that no longer repeals most of the taxes or regulations. They’ve decided to turn the “repeal” into more spending, debt and taxes.

Here’s what they’ve accomplished by caving into the ignorant demands of RINOS such as Dean Heller:

First, the GOP has warned for seven years about the evils of the massive Obamacare taxes. GDP is close to zero. Small business is suffocating. Now the Senate GOP has decided to keep the taxes in the bill.

So the geniuses of the GOP have decided to take ownership of both Obamacare and the continued decline of the economy. They haven’t solved a thing. Consumer spending will continue to decline. Small businesses will continue to fail. Health insurance will still cost a fortune. But now instead of blaming Obama and the Democrats, people will blame the GOP for the lousy economy.

Secondly, at this very moment Obamacare is on the verge of collapse. Every Obamacare exchange and co-op is either bankrupt, or about to be. But this “repeal” adds hundreds of billions to prop up Obamacare. Instead of letting it collapse, they’ve kept it in a coma on life support.

That’s why the Senate GOP decided to leave the taxes in. To bribe Heller and a bunch of RINOS with billions in new spending to keep expanding Medicaid for years to come, to bail out insurance companies and to create a bunch of “Cornhusker Kickback” bribes to force GOP senators to vote “yes” — just like the Democrats did when they originally passed Obamacare.

Keeping the taxes on “the rich” isn’t about “fairness.” It about creating a $230 million pot of money to use for bribes. Disgusting. Revolting. Pure corruption and crony capitalism.

Third, it’s the worst political strategy ever. The GOP hasn’t won over a single Democrat. But it has demoralized its own GOP base — thereby making it more likely the GOP will lose in 2018 and 2020.

Doesn’t anyone study history? President George H.W. Bush raised taxes. He lost. McCain and Romney stood for maintaining current tax rates. They lost. Gov. Brian Sandoval raised taxes in Nevada. The Nevada GOP lost control of the Legislature two years later.

Great job, Senate GOP. You could have really repealed Obamacare and all the taxes, thereby creating a new Reagan economic miracle. You would have saved health care, small business, middle-class jobs and the U.S. economy. You would have been heroes. Instead you listened to Dean Heller.

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