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COMMENTARY: Uncivil liberals want to suppress conservative views

I have an interesting Jacky Rosen campaign story. And I’ll bet you’ll be surprised by the ending.

First, a general overview of the hatred coming from liberals. It’s outrageous, shocking and un-American. It has to stop.

I don’t like your liberal views. You don’t like my conservative views. But that doesn’t mean I hate you — the person. I’m Jewish by birth, and most of my relatives are liberal. I may dislike their views, but I love my aunts and uncles. I know how to separate the politics from the person.

But the hatred and threats by liberals toward conservatives are ruining discourse and civility in America. They want to destroy us. They want to bankrupt us. They want to sic the IRS on us. They want to ban us, censor us, stop us from even speaking on college campuses, stop us from donating to conservative causes. But those views are un-American. Don’t we have freedom of speech and choice in America?

In California, liberal activists and the Democrat Party chairman are asking for a boycott of In-N-Out Burger for the “sin” of donating $25,000 to the California GOP. So now business owners can lose their business if they simply write a check to the GOP?

Closer to home, here’s an example of the incivility.

Last Tuesday, I was working out in my home gym at 9 p.m. when my cellphone rang. The person on the other end identified himself as calling from the Jacky Rosen for U.S. Senate campaign. Boy, do you have the wrong guy, I said. I told them I was Wayne Allyn Root, the conservative talk host and RJ columnist. “It’s probably a good idea not to waste your time calling me,” I said. I thought it was funny.

The voice on the other end said. “You’re Wayne Allyn Root? Really? Oh, that’s great. We’re going to call you 100 times a day. We’re going to make your life miserable.”

After that, they rang my phone 13 times in a row. Starting at midnight they called 12 more times. The next day, the calls began again — even during my national radio show.

I had my manager call Jacky Rosen’s office to tell them the whole story. We asked them to please call us by 3 p.m. to let me know this nightmare had ended. We asked for an apology.

Neither ever came.

Out of exasperation, I asked my radio listeners to call Rosen’s office and tell them to stop harassing Wayne Root. So many called that Rosen’s office number was soon disconnected.

Suddenly, the harassment stopped. I’ve never had another call.

I contacted Rosen’s communications director, who said he investigated, could find no one responsible and has concluded that any calls occurred “without our knowledge or approval.” He said they do not condone harassment and that the calls didn’t come from their office. He sounded sincere. Except the original caller identified himself as calling for “Jacky Rosen for U.S. Senate.” When I called the original number back, the voicemail said, “You’ve reached the office of Jacky Rosen for U.S. Senate.” The harassment stopped only after I got my listeners to call Rosen’s office to demand the harassment stop. Draw your own conclusions.

I’m still waiting for an apology. But I’ll set the example.

This hatred has to stop. I was going to file criminal harassment charges. I was going to file charges with the FCC. But I’m going to drop the matter. I’m going to set the example. I just wanted the calls to stop. It’s time to rein in the hatred.

Yes, I’m supporting Sen. Dean Heller. May the best candidate win at the ballot box. But let’s agree to be civil. This is America.

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