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Trump’s losses pale in comparison to those of Hillary, Obama

Hillary Clinton is out on the campaign trail saying it’s unimaginable that Donald Trump claims to be a smart businessman after losing $1 billion. Well, Donald lost a billion of his own money. Not taxpayer money.

On the other hand …

Hillary lost $6 billion of taxpayer money — thanks to the State Department’s improper filing of contracts — while she was secretary of state. She didn’t build anything with it. She didn’t create one job. She didn’t invest it. She literally lost it. It’s just missing. Vanished. Forever.

My advice? Better check the Clinton Foundation bank accounts. After all, this is a woman who took some china and furniture on her way out of the White House.

But far worse is the record of Hillary’s mentor, Barack Obama. Remember: Hillary says she is running “to be a third term of Obama.” So let’s examine Obama’s record.

Obama lost billions on the defective Obamacare websites (some experts calculate the loss is up to $5 billion).

Obama lost billions on his first-year stimulus program that did nothing for the economy.

Obama lost billions of taxpayer money on green energy investments. Remember Solyndra? There are dozens of Solyndras — all bankrupt.

His Obamacare co-ops and exchanges are all either bankrupt or bleeding … also adding up to billions.

Those are all direct losses to you and me — the taxpayer.

How bad are Obama’s loses? Forget billions, that’s chump change.

Everything Obama touches bleeds money. Your money. Want proof? Obama has added $10 trillion to the national debt. That’s more than all the presidents in America’s history combined. And the Obamacare losses will keep compounding long after he’s gone.

Trump’s $1 billion loss from 20 years ago pales by comparison.

Think about the order of magnitude. $1 trillion is a thousand billions. So by the time Obama’s mounting and compounding losses are done, he could have lost 50,000 times more than Trump.

Except Trump had only that one year of losses. He’s actually made huge profits annually ever since. And any losses Trump compiles costs me and you nothing personally. Zero. Zip.

Obama’s losses and trillions in added debt will cripple our economy and our children’s lives. It will kill middle-class jobs for generations.

Donald Trump has never cost me a penny. He risks his own money and investor money. Not taxpayer money. And even when he loses, Trump creates thousands of jobs.

But Obama and Hillary have never risked their own money in their lives. They’ve never created a single private-sector job in their lives. But they think they’re entitled to risk our money.

I’ll choose Donald Trump every time.

P.S. I’m scheduled to speak at Donald Trump’s rally at the Henderson Pavilion in Green Valley Wednesday at 11:30 a.m. I look forward to seeing all of you there.

Wayne Allyn Root is a best-selling author and host of “WAR Now: The Wayne Allyn Root Show” from 3 to 6 p.m. daily at 790 Talk Now. His Review-Journal columns run Wednesday and Sunday.

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