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Pent-up demand, low interest rates help drive car sales

Joanne Allado was all smiles after she signed the papers to purchase her shiny brand-new black Nissan Sentra. “It’s very easy to drive and I love how the exterior of the car looks sporty,” Allado said. “The mileage is great and it’s a practical car.”

‘Worker centers’ allow unions to skirt law

Organized labor kicked off its Labor Day festivities early this year, with a nationwide series of strikes at fast-food outlets and retail stores on Thursday. But while these pickets and protests are being funded by labor unions and led by union organizers, the organizations taking credit for the strikes aren’t technically labor unions at all — they’re actually labor union front groups that are exempt from federal labor law.

Beetles eat plants (good) where endangered birds live (bad)

Beetles from Central Asia are sweeping down the Colorado River and into Southern Nevada, making pests of themselves even as they munch on a pesky plant along the Southwest’s most crucial watershed.

Consensus, then about-face from Obama on Syria

Short on support at home and allies abroad, President Barack Obama unexpectedly stepped back from a missile attack against Syria on Saturday and instead asked Congress to support a strike punishing Bashar Assad’s regime for the alleged use of chemical weapons.

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