Brady jabs Manning, complains about $8,500 pool cover in private emails

Tom Brady threw jabs at Peyton Manning and Mark Brunell amid a prodigious pile of the Patriot quarterback’s private emails that were made public Tuesday as part of the NFL Players Association’s lawsuit against the NFL over Brady’s four-game suspension.

However, Brady saved his harshest rebuke for having to dole out thousands of dollars for a cover-up. A pool cover, to be precise. Brady was incredulous when his manager, Ben Rawitz, broke the news that it would cost $8,540 to have a new winter cover installed at his Boston-area home.

“Why can’t we use the same cover we have on now?” Brady replied.

Rawitz: “Getting details but has to do with snow weight, ice and changing temps. Will make sure its 100% necessary.”

Brady: “these (expletive) idiots if thats the case why don’t we have that same cover for the year round cover?”

After Rawitz explains in detail why a winter cover is needed, he suggests getting a white one to blend in with the snow and Brady agrees.

Later that day, Rawitz replies, “FYI – No white. Going with black cover.”

Brady doesn’t like this one bit.

“What kind of morons don’t have white cover. Can we check with another company.”

Rawitz then turns to Gisele to close the deal, replying to Brady that “G decided on gray and order is in.”

This confirms the adage that the cover-up — or, in this case, the pool cover — is worse than the crime.

OLD MAN MANNING — Brady’s competitive juices were flowing in a Nov. 1 email to childhood friend Kevin Brady, who brought up a Grantland article comparing Brady and Manning the night before New England’s 43-21 win over the Denver Broncos.

“Thanks popa. I’ve got another 7 or 8 years. He has 2,” Brady wrote. “That’s the final chapter. Game on.”

CRY ME A RIVER — Shortly after the “Deflate-gate” scandal started, Brady sent an email to former Michigan teammate Pat Kratus about Brunell, the ESPN analyst who became choked up as he criticized Brady.

“He’s a patriot hater. They all are!!!” Brady wrote.

NO DOUBTING TOM — One of the most entertaining emails was one sent to Brady by celebrity trainer Jorgen de Mey the week before the Super Bowl.

“Normally I don’t respond to these kind of situations. But, WTF, (expletive) media!!!” de Mey wrote. “Listen, in my opinion, if u would try to lie about the whole thing, I would imagine, you’d come up with a MUCH better answer than “oh, when I woke up on monday, I was just as surprised as you guys!

“Pfff, you are in the moment, you get a (expletive) football and you throw the damn thing! Deflated, inflated, it doesn’t matter, you are TOM Brady!!! I know, how you throw, you were throwing medicine balls, laying on your back, 15 yards, right in my stomach, every time, BOTH arms!!

“Tell these (expletives) to give you a (Nerf) ball and show them how you throw that thing. It’s called adjusting in the moment!

“Lay it on them tom! Be mad next time. Next week: it’s “do or do”!!!! Amen (sorry) J.”

Brady replied, “Thanks Jorgy we will do our talking on the field. I can’t wait!!!”

As much as we enjoyed the emails, we can’t wait for Deflate-gate to be over.

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