In other news, God lives!

Or, to be more precise, scientists are planning to announce Wednesday that the so-called "God particle" certainly does exist, but it just has not yet been glimpsed.

According to the Associated Press: "CERN’s atom smasher, the $10 billion Large Hadron Collider, has been creating high-energy collisions of protons to help them understand suspected phenomena such as dark matter, antimatter and ultimately the creation of the universe billions of years ago, which many theorize occurred as a massive explosion known as the Big Bang.

"For particle physicists, finding the Higgs boson is a key to confirming the standard model of physics that explains what gives mass to matter and, by extension, how the universe was formed.

"Rob Roser, who leads the search for the Higgs boson at the Fermilab in Chicago, says ‘particle physicists have a very high standard for what it takes to be a discovery’ and thinks it is a hair’s breadth away.

"Roser compared the results scientists are preparing to announce Wednesday to finding the fossilized imprint of a dinosaur: ‘You see the footprints and the shadow of the object, but you don’t actually see it.’"

You can see the full story here.

PS: While it’s going to be hard to beat a story about sighting God, TCLV recommends a few more links to you this morning.

— Go here for a nifty map that shows temperatures around the nation. As the day progresses you will then see that the historic heat wave from the Plains to the mid-Atlantic continues.

— This Nevada story about a fire in the South Egan Wilderness about 45 miles south of Ely is just one of many wildfires this year. Not the biggest by any means. But I pass it along to you this morning because how often do you see a story with the dateline "Lund"? Not often.

— The new proposed Interstate Highway 11 currently calls for a bypass of Boulder City, NV. The Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Road Warrior reports that it is unclear whether Boulder City residents will support the highway skirting their lovely city. This is a Nevada city that bans gambling. I think the odds are very good that put to a vote the citizens of Boulder City would just as soon be bypassed.

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