What’s with all the Nevada hate lately?

Last week, a Gallup poll ranked Nevada among the top states in the nation for percentage of residents who think theirs is the worst state they could possibly live in.

That’s right: The poll wasn’t just asking if there are states you’d rather live in, but if you think your own state is literally the worst one in the union. And 7 percent of Nevadans thought that was the case — not a huge number, but enough to boost Nevada to 10th place.

This week, another Gallup poll found that Nevadans are top in the U.S. for planning to move out of state within the next year (20 percent), and fourth in the country for wishing they could leave (43 percent).

When we posted the stories on Facebook, we faced a deluge of comments, some from people who do legitimately hate the Silver State, but most from residents who love it here. Here are some of the most popular comments:

  • “If people loathe it so much, why don’t they leave?”

  • “The weather is beautiful, the parks are beautiful. We have the best of both worlds between the strip and shows downtown and the hiking trails within driving distance and Mt. Charleston. I love living here.”

  • “This is actually a very beautiful state in its own right. Bonus: No state income taxes!”

  • “Pack n leave you don’t need to stay and we don’t need you!”

  • “How rude! Las Vegas is a wonderful place to live. We don’t have to contend with tornadoes, huge snow storms, wild fires destroying our neighborhoods and huge thunderstorms as you will find in the Midwest. I love the low humidity and the mild winters. If Nevada is so disliked then tell me why so many people are moving here to retire, etc.”

  • “Sounds like for the majority they need to retake their poll. If people don’t like it, they can always get out and stay out!”

  • “Nothing but love for my city. We have problems just like everywhere else but when the chips are down the cards are dealt this is the real royal flush.“

  • “Kidding? Have you ever driven in -70 degree weather? Gone weeks without seeing the sunshine? Felt icy rain soak into your bones for days or weeks at a time? Crave food after 10pm? Nevada brings warmth, sunshine, food and lots of entertainment all together! This is paradise minus the sound of ocean waves!”

  • “I love it. Love the winters here. If you do not like it, try getting involved in your community. There is a lot here that you can do to make it better.”

  • “I love living in Nevada. I don’t need to explain why.”

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