Findlay Toyota offers rentals

Findlay Toyota has a fascinating rental program that offers consumers the chance to rent a Toyota before purchasing the vehicle at the dealership, situated just east of U.S. Highway 95 on Eastgate Road.

The Toyota Rent-a-Car program has erupted in popularity as customers test- drive vehicles for an extended time before making a purchase. In addition, customers can take advantage of the program's affordable rates for short trips, business, special events or cargo-hauling needs throughout the year.

"It's very popular," said Rental Car Manager Anthony Conway, adding that the program was expanded recently to meet demands. "When it comes to buying a car, there cannot be a better way to make sure it's what you need. Then, when you add in the other benefits, ranging from trips to cargo hauling and special events, we have put together the complete package, for sure."

The fleet of rental vehicles includes economy cars such as the Corolla, Yaris and Scion; luxury vehicles like the Camry, Avalon and Solara convertible; Prius and Camry hybrids; Tundra trucks for hauling and recreation; 4 Runner, FJ Cruiser, Highlander and Rav 4 SUVs; and Sienna minivans. Two-wheel- and four-wheel-drive vehicles are available.

One key element in the program helps the owners of leases who are concerned about exceeding their mileage limits. Renting a Toyota, especially when long trips are included, helps avoid mileage charges at the end of the lease.

The TRAC program also includes 24-hour roadside assistance that covers mechanical breakdowns, fluid delivery, tire changes, jump starts, lockout service and towing.

Among the customers utilizing the program is Kenny White, the chief operating officer for Las Vegas Sports Consultants. White said he uses the Toyota Rent-a-Car program at least six times per year.

"We really like the convenience factor," said White, a 41-year resident of Las Vegas. "We can test-drive some of the different cars and when we need a car, Anthony always has something for me. We have gone out of town a couple of times and Anthony has always gotten me the bigger vehicles. The program is a win-win for everyone."

Dealership General Manager Rich Abajian lauded the program.

"What we really like about the program is that it also gives our customers the chance to experience Toyota's groundbreaking technology," said Abajian. "It's one thing to hear about the benefits, but it's another to actually be able to enjoy the vehicle for an extended period of time while making a decision."

Further information regarding the program, along with rates and available vehicles, can be found by calling Conway at 566-2588 or by visiting

Findlay Toyota is situated in a 145,000-square-foot facility on 121/2 acres at 7733 Eastgate Road in Henderson. The dealership is part of Findlay Automotive Group, founded more than 48 years ago by the late Pete Findlay, whose son Cliff now spearheads automobile dealerships in Nevada, Utah, Arizona and Idaho.