Missing Links

Captchas are those annoying little combination of words Internet sites use to filter out spammers, usually showing up when it's time to purchase something. But they can serve a purpose, too. At captchart. tumblr.com, artists create pictures based on captchas, making for some often amusing -- and at times a little risque -- pictures.

There's not much of a reason to do this, but it does provoke a smile. Make a Twitter parade at isparade.jp. Your avatar will lead the parade, followed by your followers, with the occasional tweet popping up. It is cute, and while it won't work if you have a private profile, you're not asked to enter a password, so you can make them for anyone.

Pepsi can be refreshing to drink, so the company would like to refresh the world. At www.refresheverything.com, browse ideas to make communities better places and vote on your favorites. Pepsi will award millions to the ideas that get the most votes. In addition, an additional $1.3 million has been set aside for projects that will help the Gulf region. If you have an idea of your own, you also can submit it.

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