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Ian Michael Deutch survived nine months of combat with his Nevada National Guard unit in Afghanistan only to be killed Monday while on duty with the Nye County Sheriff's Office in Pahrump.

It was only the second day back on the job for Deutch, who returned safely less than a month earlier from his deployment with the 221st Cavalry Wildhorse Squadron.

The 27-year-old married father of two was gunned down in the parking lot of a Pahrump casino by a man who had been involved in a domestic disturbance.

The suspect, James Chaffin, was shot and killed by another Nye County deputy.

Hundreds of people, many of them in police or military uniforms, gathered in a Las Vegas church on Saturday to remember Deutch, who was the first Nye County officer to be shot and killed in the line of duty since 1952.


Metro details cuts

Citing a worsening financial picture, the Metropolitan Police Department unveiled plans to cut 69 police and 139 civilian positions during the coming budget year.

The move will help shave about $37 million from the budget. The positions to be cut are currently vacant.

Sheriff Doug Gillespie said the eliminated positions will likely come from specialized units such as detectives, not from the "backbone" of patrol.


Sharing fire services

Official from Clark County and Las Vegas said they want to combine some fire services to save money .

County Commission Chairman Rory Reid and Mayor Oscar Goodman said they will look at sharing such services as training, heavy rescue and hazardous materials while they bargain with labor unions.

Neither leader could say whether the move would lead to layoffs. They also had no solid estimate of how much money would be saved.


No summer school

In other budget news, Clark County School District officials said all 76 year-round schools will convert to nine-month calendars as of Aug. 30 in an effort to save the cash-strapped district $13.8 million.

The district originally planned to convert 21 of its year-round schools to the more traditional calendar, but public pressure prompted officials to look at making the change across the board.


Unsafe behind bars?

Department of Corrections Director Howard Skolnik warned legislators that violence could break out in state prisons once mandatory furloughs begin in July and fewer correctional officers will be on duty.

Skolnik said two unprovoked attacks on jailers have occurred in recent weeks at Southern Desert Correctional Center in Indian Springs, where staff was limited.

He said the staff shortage is the worst he has seen since 1965.


Outbreak case to jury

Jurors heard closing arguments in the first civil trial stemming from the hepatitis C outbreak linked to Southern Nevada endoscopy clinics.

Henry Chanin and his wife, Lorraine, are suing two drug-making companies on several product liability claims. Henry Chanin was infected with hepatitis C during a June 2006 colonoscopy at one of the clinics.

The lawsuit claims the companies made and sold vials of propofol that were much larger than needed for colonoscopies, which tempted medical workers to reuse vials among patients instead of throwing away unused anesthetic.