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Outdoor enthusiasts should exercise caution after storm

If you already have a destination in mind for opening day of quail season, you might want to make a scouting trip between now and then so you can get a good look at road conditions beforehand. The storm waters that damage roads often create safety concerns on the Lake Mead and Lake Mohave.

The unknown draws us to hunting

Even a slow opening day leaves us wondering what the rest of dove season holds. Even when hunting a place we have hunted before, there always is the chance we will experience something new.

Mourning dove season opens Monday

The opening day of the mourning dove hunt on Sept. 1 marks the traditional opener for the annual fall hunting season. Because Monday is a holiday, expect more hunters this year.

Best of Show lure, line to put fish in the boat

The International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades (ICAST) names the Best of Show products in 24 categories, everything from freshwater rod to eyewear and electronics. Here are a couple of award winners that may help you put a few more fish in the boat.

New fishing kayaks turning heads

Anglers who have been thinking about purchasing a fishing kayak but have been holding back due to concerns about craft stability, seat comfort or the need to use a paddle, can set those concerns aside.

True spirit of July 4 embraced in Gunlock

Perhaps I am a little old school, but I just can’t pass up the opportunity Independence Day provides to revel in the freedoms handed down to us from previous generations, to express gratitude to those who laid the foundations of a free nation, and to give thanks to those who have honorably served to protect that freedom.

Big game hunters get second chance in Nevada

If you came up empty in Nevada’s 2014 big game tag draw, don’t give up just yet. There are a handful of unsubscribed tags still available in the second draw. They might not be in your favorite area, but the tags do represent an opportunity to hunt something somewhere.

Lake Mead striper session puts fish back on my hook

According to the thermometer on the instrument panel, the temperature was already nearing the mid-80s when Roger drove the truck down the launch ramp at Temple Bar Marina at Lake Mead’s upper end. Since it was still quite early — just after 5 a.m. — that could mean only one thing. It was going to be a hot day. We could only hope the fishing action would follow suit.

Getting away from it all — with everyone else

With the arrival of Memorial Day weekend two things are certain. First, Las Vegans will flee the city by the thousands in search of open space and a chance to get away from the rest of us. Second, thousands of visitors from surrounding states will be looking to do the same thing.

Don’t tackle fly-fishing without Woolly Bugger

While visiting my brother years ago, my family and I went fishing in a small lake located just down the hill from his home. The lake, kind of an overflow area adjacent to the Colorado River, is known to hold rainbow trout. Nothing big, just planters from a local hatchery, but I looked forward to catching a few fish nonetheless.

Hunters vote to be social, to be outdoors

When the Nevada State Board of Wildlife Commissioners meets this weekend in Reno, it will have a full agenda to contend with, including big-game tag quotas for the 2014 hunting seasons and a possible change in the regulation defining legal black powder substitutes for use when hunting with muzzle-loading firearms.

Anglers get a reprieve from closing of Willow Beach hatchery

When news broke in December that the Willow Beach National Fish Hatchery no longer would raise and stock rainbow trout along the lower Colorado River, it sent a shock wave through the recreational fishing communities in Southern Nevada and northwestern Arizona. Anglers experienced disbelief and feelings of betrayal, and community leaders voiced concern about the financial impact on local economies.

Fisherman as artist and scientific researcher

There is something exciting about slipping up to the edge of a small mountain stream with a fishing rod in your hand, especially if the stream is one you have never fished before. It is like a blank canvas to an artist who has yet to determine where to begin working with his first brush stroke.