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Lead ammo ban would prove disastrous

Hold on to your hats, folks. Our western neighbor is about to step off the political and fiscal cliff, and no doubt there are some people who hope Nevada follows suit. If that happens, the state’s hunters and recreational shooters could end up paying much more for their hunting ammunition, but only if they can find enough to meet their needs, and if they can afford to buy it once they find it.

Waterfowl season shaping up nicely

There is good news for hunters who have been waiting for opening day of Nevada’s waterfowl season. According to the 2013 Report on Trends in Duck Breeding Populations, hunters can expect to see bird numbers similar to those of last year. The overall duck population is about 45.6 million birds, according to the report published by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

When fish aren't biting, you still can go back to school

The morning sun had yet to light up the red-orange sand that lines the shoreline when Roger and I motored away from the launch ramp at Southern Utah’s Sand Hollow Reservoir. We had found quick action for small but scrappy largemouth bass the previous afternoon and looked forward to picking up where we left off when the setting sun forced us off the water.

Trade show participants hooked on umbrella rigs

If there was a common focus among the manufacturers’ exhibits at the 2013 edition of ICAST — the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades — it was the umbrella rig, or products like it. From the Booyah Bait Co. to the rod builders at G. Loomis, nearly all the major players and many small companies introduced some product designed either to mimic the umbrella rig design or facilitate its use.

New Ugly Stik rod light, durable

For many years, an angler could walk into any major outdoor retailer or discount mart with $29.95 in his pocket and walk out with one of the most widely recognized and durable fishing rods on the market. Now a pending price increase is going to push that price up to $39.95, but I think fans of Shakespeare’s Ugly Stik are going to like what they get for that extra 10-spot.

New fly-fishing bait imitates swim motion

When it comes to selecting the right fly pattern to use, fly-fishermen generally follow the guideline to “match the hatch.” Simply, this means to present the fish you are after with a bait choice that resembles, as closely as possible, whatever they already are eating.

Try Utah if you missed out of a Nevada big game hunting tag

If you were one of the unsuccessful applicants in Nevada’s big game tag draw you may not have to sit this season out after all. Utah still has more than 3,300 buck mule deer permits available and they go on sale at 7 a.m. PDT Thursday, July 11 . (That’s 8 a.m. in Utah, which is in the Mountain time zone and observes daylight saving time.)

Protect yourself from desert's excessive heat

It’s Independence Day, so let me begin by expressing gratitude to our Founding Fathers for their sacrifice and willingness to risk, and in some cases lose, all they had to create a country where personal freedom is paramount and where we each have the opportunity to make something of ourselves. Let me also thank those who have risked and, in many cases, lost their lives to maintain those freedoms for the rest of us.

Local outdoors folk mourn loss of 'friend'

Downtown Henderson is home to one of those small businesses that are reminiscent of days gone by, days when customer service was a real part of doing business and not merely an advertising slogan. It is one of those places where people know your name, everyone is treated like a friend, and some folks drop by just to visit. Perhaps you have been there, too.

Youths make most of Free Fishing Day

Despite the severe heat that enveloped the Las Vegas area Saturday, hundreds of anglers made their way to the valley’s urban ponds to take advantage of Nevada’s Free Fishing Day. And why not? That is the one day each year when anyone can fish in the Silver State without having to first procure a fishing license.

Leftover big-game tags widely available

If you miss your first shot at a monster buck or a large bull elk, having a second chance to make that shot is a good thing. Likewise, if you were unsuccessful in Nevada’s big-game tag draw, a second chance can be good thing, especially for those willing to try something or someplace new.

Successful hunts begin with planning

Preliminary results of Nevada’s 2013 big game tag draw have been available online since Friday, and final results will be available in another couple of weeks. Unfortunately, while some of my friends are celebrating the draw results with tags for critters such as bighorn sheep, deer, elk or antelope, things in the Nielsen household are little more subdued.

Always check weather for outdoor ventures

Trusting completely in a weather forecast can be an iffy proposition. Anyone who has spent considerable time outdoors knows weather conditions can and do change unexpectedly and rapidly, so failing to double-check the weather forecast before leaving on an outdoor adventure is a foolish misstep at best. Failing to plan for the possibilities is another.

Some destined to follow call of the wild

You know the years are going by when you look at your youngest son and realize for the first time that he can no longer be referred to as “The Wild Man.” Such is now the case with my youngest son, Hyrum, almost 17, whose outdoor adventures — and sometimes misadventures — have often become the subject matter for this column during his growing up years.

High-tech help not needed to catch trophy-worthy stripers near Willow Beach

Most outdoorsmen and women spend their time, and often their money, trying to outthink or outmaneuver their game of choice. Recognizing this tendency, the outdoor industry spends its time and money trying to outthink and outmaneuver outdoorsmen and women. The results of their efforts can be seen in stores, catalogs and wherever we stash our outdoor gear.

Spinner baits perfect for spring bass

Larry Brinker has been fishing for Lake Mead’s largemouth bass most of his life, but unlike those anglers who tend to hold their hard-earned knowledge close to their vests, Brinker is one of those rare souls who doesn’t mind opening his tackle box of learning for the next guy.

Be alert - rattlesnakes enjoy pleasant spring weather in the desert, too

One early summer evening, my friend Ron and I decided to shoot our muzzleloading rifles in the remnants of an old gravel pit located in the desert near my home. At the time, such activity was still legal in that area, and we wanted to take advantage of the somewhat cooler temperatures that come with the setting sun. What we didn’t count on was running into someone else who wanted to take advantage of the cooler temperatures as well.

Opinions sought for development on Lake Mohave

Changes are on tap for Cottonwood Cove and Katherine Landing, two of the three developed areas at Lake Mohave. Then again, they might not be, and the decision as to whether changes will take place could depend on your opinion along with those of all the other recreationists who are willing to share their thoughts about what happens at these popular destinations.