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Bryant 'was raised the right way'

When Kris Bryant was introduced at the All-Star Game and tipped his cap, the guy sitting alongside at Buffalo Wild Wings said the Cubs’€™ rookie third baseman must have grown a good four or five inches since the first time he saw him on a baseball diamond.

Las Vegan revolutionizing competitive eating

Miki Sudo, 29, won her second consecutive Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest in the women’s division by scarfing down 38 frankfurters in 10 minutes by first removing the hot dog from the bun and eating it, then dipping the bun in Crystal Light and eating it.

Concussion lawsuit against NHL is noble fight

Dan LaCouture’s beef with the NHL is that he believes it knows there is a correlation between hockey and head trauma, and that the league has kept this information from the players. He said he probably suffered a dozen or more concussions during his career, five or six of which were documented.

Father’s Day farewell to ol’ Coach Derby

His name was Joseph Derybowski, but everyone called him Mr. Derby or Coach Derby. He was an old coach — my first coach, really, because I don’t count the teenage kid who made out the baseball lineup card when I was 9. Coach Derby wore a whistle around his neck, but never had to use it because he had our respect.